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Tina’s Favorite Foods

Recently, there was an article published that was supposed to be about the favorite foods of us four girls. However, they conveniently left mine out of the article. So I will be giving you all the inside look myself.

My top five favorite foods are:

  1. Chinese/Japanese food

  2. Sushi specifically

  3. Pasta

  4. All the Seafood

  5. Mac and cheese

Chinese/Japanese food (specifically sushi) is a go to of mine. I love hibachi (had it last night), and I love rice, y’all. Anytime I can have a meat, vegetables and rice, I am a happy girl. Ah, but alas, as we all know, rice is not good for losing weight - especially white rice. So in order to still enjoy my favorite meals, I had to find ways around the rice. Cauliflower. It’s a great substitute for the rice in many of my go to meals. Fried rice - fried cauliflower rice. You can add it to the side or roll your vegetables in it for a whole new way of having sushi.

Now, as for the pasta, I use zucchini noodles, raw. Meghan has this cool electric spiralizer that turns the squash into cool thin noodles that slurp just as well as the real thing! Johnnie actually prefers the zoodles over regular noodles now. For the marinara, I go with the ones that have the least amount of carbs and sugars, but are still affordable. It varies store to store. Check your labels and compare.

Seafood is not really bad for you as long as it is not fried and you moderate your consumption. I love broiled or grilled seafood. Fish is food and boy do I tear it up!? Salmon is a favorite go to of mine, as well as crab, shrimp, and lobster. Add a yummy garlic butter sauce, and I am all in! The low country boil is a family favorite for my household. However, we cannot have the corn and potatoes that are normally found in the pot alongside the yummy seafood. Here is a great alternative:

Macaroni and cheese; the downfall of many a fat person. All that creamy, cheesy goodness wrapped around a soft noodle - it is good enough to be the whole meal or served on the side of a really delicious entrée. Oh, but we all know and understand that it is not the food for aiding in weight loss. It is a crime, really, something so tasty should not be bad for you. I have yet to find a favorite alternative for this one, but I have been told to try cauliflower Mac-n-cheese. I will try this sometime this week and comment here how I liked it.

This brings us to the end of Tina’s favorite foods list. I thank you all who stuck around to get to know this side of me, and I hope you will use some of the alternatives to make better your family meals as well. Let me know how you like them if you use them.

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