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There Are Worse Things Than Being Fat

All of my life I have known people who believe that being fat is the worst thing that you could possibly be. They think that fat people are ugly, disgusting, and just a waste of valuable space on this planet. They call us lazy and nasty and do and say everything they can to make us feel humiliated and less than human. It has been the mindset of many that we should not be allowed a voice, a place to stand next to the beautiful “normal” people, and that we should be outcast from society altogether. We have faced being turned down from jobs that we are more than qualified for, turned away in clothing stores, laughed out of events and shamed for wanting to live a normal life just like the next person.

It is already difficult for us to live a normal life like most people get to do. The clothing industry will not even take the time to properly make clothes for us. We get shapeless frocks covered in flowers or we have to pay a mortgage note for the cuter clothes as a punishment for adding a few extra inches of fabric.

Chairs are made for normal sized people only.

Restaurant tables are made to hold thin people, and most of the time, the furniture is bolted to the floor so you cannot adjust it for larger bodies.

The list of things that make this a “normal” sized person’s world goes on and on. The lack of consideration for a group that makes up 47.2% of (at least) this Country’s population is astounding. It is designed to humiliate and shame us into staying away so that we do not upset the ones who are size prejudice.

I, for one, refuse to sit on the sidelines of life because some small-minded people do not want to see me jiggle when I walk. If the way I look bothers someone to the point of disgust, they have the God given ability to look the other way. I was given this life just like everyone else and I intend to live it to the best of my ability. And if that means living my best life even while I’m still working on myself, then so be it! I will not stay at home, hidden behind closed doors, feeling sorry for myself, trying to lose weight just so I can feel ok about stepping out into society every day. And how dare anyone think I should have to! No one is telling you to stay home, ashamed of having such an ugly heart.

And really, which is worse? Having a little more to love or having a total lack of love that is so bad, that you have absolutely no compassion for a fellow human being just because they might look different than you? I think I’d have to go with the latter.

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